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Sri Lanka from the Sanskrit “Venerable Island”, officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka pronounced known as Ceylon before 1972 and as Taprobane in ancient times, is an island country in South Asia, located about 31 kilometres 19.3 mi off the southern coast of India. It is home to around twenty million people. Because of its location in the path of major sea routes, Sri Lanka is a strategic naval link between West Asia and South East Asia.[citation needed It has been a center of Buddhist religion and culture from ancient times. The Sinhalese community forms the majority of the population; Tamils, who are concentrated in the north and east of the island, form the largest ethnic minority. Other communities include Moors, Burghers, Kaffirs and the Malays. Sri Lankan Sexy Girls Photo Galery Hot Sexy Lankan girls photos Sexy srilanka lady picture beautiful srilankan girls photos hot lankan lady photos. Sri Lanka sexy actress Photo Gallery. An attractive surprising Sexy Edition of Hottest Srilankan Actress Photos an sexiest Models with the biggest collection of Girls Photos you can get in your life time from Srilanka

Sri Lankan Sexy single Girls Photo Gallery Hot Sexy Lankan girls photos Sexy srilanka lady picture beautiful srilankan girls photos hot lankan lady photos. srilanka sexy, srilanka sexy Photos, Photos, srilanka sexy Images, images. Photos of srilanka sexy, Images of srilanka sexy, Photos and images of srilanka sexy. Famous for the production and export of tea, coffee, coconuts and rubber citation needed Sri Lanka boasts a progressive and modern industrial economy and the highest per capita income in South Asia.[citation needed The natural beauty of Sri Lanka's tropical forests, beaches and landscape, as well as its rich cultural heritage, make it a world famous tourist destination

Most of the people search sri lanka girls photos are from Sri Lanka India Pakistan Maldives Asia Europe America Japan Korea Russia Nepal Bhutan Indonesia Philipinese. So of them Africa Saudi Arabia Middle East Qatar . All these people are young and looking for dating. They might be single and interested for girlfriend. Girls of young uncommon beautiful are mostly popular. After over two thousand years of rule by local kingdoms, parts of Sri Lanka were colonized by Portugal and the Netherlands beginning in the 16th century, before control of the entire country was ceded to the British Empire in 1815 During World War II, Sri Lanka served as an important base for Allied forces in the fight against the Japanese Empire. A nationalist political movement arose in the country in the early 20th century with the aim of obtaining political independence, which was eventually granted by the British after peaceful negotiations in 1948.

Srilanka gossip celebrity model actress fashion is popular to indian zone. Lanka is a part of Indian Sub Continent where Tamil is their main origin. Tamil girls are well beautiful with a good looking skin and beauty. They love traditional dress up. their family maintainance is also remarkable. Tourism is one of the main industries in Sri Lanka. Major tourist attractions are focused around the islands famous beaches located in the southern and eastern parts of the country, ancient heritage sites located in the interior of the country and lush green resorts located in the mountainous regions of the country. The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and the ongoing civil war have reduced tourist arrivals, however Sri Lanka received over half a million tourists in 2006

Maximum actress of srilanka like bikini. Though micro bikini is not popular but actress are all time hit with bikini dress. As Island local people also like micro bikini dress. Celebrity gossip for srilanka film society is noticable. Sri Lanka is home to six world heritage sites: Galle, Kandy, Sigiriya, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruva, and Dambulla cave temple. Sri Lanka's many beaches are often visited by tourists. The historical city of Colombo is considered as the "Commercial capitol of Sri Lanka" which attracts many tourists from Asian region to visit for businesses. National parks in Sri Lanka are also popular visitor attractions. Tourists are also attracted to Sri Lanka by its natural beauty.

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